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Comprehensive Program

Spectrios Institute's nationally recognized team of low vision doctors and professionals has an unsurpassed track record for changing people's lives for the better. The National Eye Institute has cited our program of vision rehabilitation services as a “Model for the Nation.”

We CONSULT with patients and their families to understand their unique individual situations and how our services may provide the opportunity to enrich their lives.

We CONDUCT comprehensive functional vision examinations to assure the patient maximizes their sight and more fully understands their visual potential.

We DEVELOP a customized treatment plan (which can include diabetic retinopathy treatment and treatments for glaucoma and macular degeneration) with the best prescriptive devices, adaptive tools, low vision aids, technology, and training to meet each patient's individual needs and goals.

We PUBLISH quarterly newsletters for adults and children to share new technologies and resources for people with low vision.

We FACILITATE support/networking groups led by a licensed therapist for people with low vision. We provide opportunities for families and friends to learn alternate methods to help the patient achieve success.

The Spectrios Institute's program includes a comprehensive exam and follow up with a low vision doctor, occupational therapy, and technology training.

The Patient Referral Brochure will begin to help a patient understand what Spectrios Institute for Low Vision is all about and begin to answer frequently asked questions.